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Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
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Germany Rp109,000
Netherlands Rp101,000
United States Rp97,000
United Kingdom Rp95,000
Canada Rp91,000
Kuwait Rp79,000
Qatar Rp78,000
Spain Rp78,000
Sudan Rp78,000
France Rp70,000
United Arab Emirates Rp68,000
New Zealand Rp66,000
Lebanon Rp65,000
Saudi Arabia Rp64,000
Italy Rp56,000
Indonesia Rp54,000
Australia Rp54,000
Central African Republic Rp43,000
Hong Kong Rp43,000
Morocco Rp43,000
Iraq Rp43,000
Malaysia Rp39,000
India Rp37,000
Singapore Rp28,000
Japan Rp28,000
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) Rp27,000